Frequently Asked questions


Where are you located?

Our range is located in the Greater Toronto Area, East York, to be exact.

Why do you only meet on Thursday nights and what is the advantage of a one-night weekly club?

We lease the range on Thursday nights from the owners, from 5pm to 11pm.

With one weekly night, Thursday night becomes gun night, so it's easy to schedule your life around it and you'll see the same people every visit, so you'll get to know everyone fast.

What type of firearms are permitted?

Primarily handguns (semi-automatic pistols and revolvers), but air pistols and .22 caliber rifles are okay too.

What type of ammunition is permitted and where is it sold?

We are a lead-only range.  Our backstop is not rated for jacketed ammunition of any kind.

For .22 caliber firearms, any ammunition retailer should have many options in stock.
For centerfire firearms, it's best to purchase in bulk online or reload your own brass.

What are some of the range features and is there security?

Our range is indoors, 20 yards in length with 10 shooting stalls and 2 motorized target carriers.  There is a comfortable lounge, an effective ventilation system and free parking. 

The inside and outside premises of the well-lit stand-alone building are camera-monitored 24/7, with access via a secure front door.  There is no outside signage or advertising.    

Describe a typical Thursday night at the range.

Most members arrive after 6pm, enjoy a bit of socializing, then participate in personal target practice or plinking.  At 8pm for those interested, the club runs organized matches in pre-scheduled formats.  Member scores are tallied and kept for an annual awards night.